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If Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra, and Rick James opened up a speakeasy club, Fat Cat Jamboree would be the house band.

This is truely an almalgamation of rhythm, style, and good times!

The band's members have been playing around York Simcoe and  Greater Toronto areas for several years, and have come together in this ensemble to bring their audiances to their feet in celebration of Good Times and Great Music. The exeptional talent and diverse style of Fat Cat Jamboree allows the audiance to experience a wide variety of music and ...
These cats can cater to any music set desired!

* Jazz
* Blues & Blues Rock
* Rock and Roll (50's & 60's)
* Soul / R&B
* Funk
* Classic Rock
* Retro (80's & 90's)
* Reggae / Ska
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